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MOH/Bridesmaids dresses

I want them to be in a range of pink dresses. I like tea length dresses, something flowy at the bottom. Something they can DEFINITELY wear again and not too expensive, of course!

Update update! 1/19/10

I've decided to go with dresses from J. Crew. But instead of buying it from J. Crew, I'm going to have dresses like it made in China by Milly Bridal for $85! J. Crew lists the dress at $215. Score!


We're going local style, so we want the guys to wear a white linen shirt and khaki pants. Shoes TBD.
We're gonna put kukui nut lei on them instead of maile ($50 a pop!) But the groom will be wearing a maile lei with a white rose strand.

Cullen, go away!

DON'T LOOK!!!!!!!!!

No, seriously.

Pronovias Gabon 

The dress.

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