Planning Bio

Table Numbers

I've completed about half of our table numbers - and the idea was completely taken from AngelShann! I created the template on Adobe Illustrator and printed them on the same glossy, metallic paper that the favor tags are printed (the monogram below is the favor tag). I really love the Beatles (so does my dad), so the table names are some of my favorite songs.


I was bored on Sunday and was browsing the internet for different types of monograms. I came across a couple that I liked, but wasn't 100% happy with them. I didn't want to pay the extra cost of the customized monograms, so I decided to make one myself. I used Adobe Illustrator on my mac. I actually love the way they came out. And it fits with Lani perfectly because there are tons of palm trees there too!

Ring Dish


So I bought this ring dish off of (wiseimpressions) and asked her to make the branch a "cherry blossom tree branch" instead of just hearts. I love what she did! It's so cute. And we get to use it as an ornament for all of our Christmases to come :)