Planning Bio

Flowers - Centerpieces

I wanted my color scheme to be a range of pinks -- 3 in all. Light to brighter.
I love the simplicity of square vases, with ti leaves/curly willow inside, and a rounded bunch of roses/peonies and possibly hydrangea.

Trial Run 1: Centerpieces

Here's trial 1 of the centerpieces. They'll look something like this. Different tables will have varying shades of pink, but each bouquet will be monotone.

Flowers - Bouquets

Since we're going with roses, I wanted a simple bouquet of South American roses or peonies] (white) for myself and different shades of pinks for the girls.

Trial Run 1: Bouquet

The flowers aren't great quality, but this is something what it will look like. 

Flowers - Cocktail Tables

I wanted something small and simple -- we're going with smaller square vases, river rocks, and floating plumerias.

Trial Run 1: Cocktail Table Centerpieces

Will look like this. However, we're going to use white plumerias instead of gerber daisies.

**all non "trial run" pictures courtesy of The