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Whew! The wedding is done and I'm looking to sell a few items because... well I don't think we'd use them again. Plus, if it helps another bride, then all the better!All of these items are for sale now. They are in Hawaii, so you can either pick them up or have your WC pick 'em up!

Please email me at: if you're interested in anything!

Baskets -- SOLD

I have 4 baskets. 1 we used for our check-in table for the cards (wedding wishes), another we used for the wedding cards overflow at the check-in table, and the other 2 we used to put Old Navy Slippers and put them out near the dance floor for people to take (happy feet).

My "overflow" basket was used for pashminas by the previous knottie I purchased them from.
Wedding Wishes - purchased for $3, selling for $2
Overflow - purchased for $4, selling for $3
Happy Feet - purchased for $4, selling for $3

I Do letters -- SOLD

Picked up these from knottie Jaymers99, but my coordinator didn't get to put them up :(
They're really cute though!
Purchased for $5, selling for $4 

Bubble Tubes

I have a few leftover heart bubbles tubes that our guests used as we were walking out of the aisle.
I have 68 white bubble tubes and 32 pink tubes.

The bubbles itself might evaporate (ours did), so we just refilled right before the wedding!
White - purchased for $9/box (48/box), selling for $6 for all white tubes
Pink - purchased for $9/box (48 tubes per box), selling for $5 for all pink tubes

 $10 for all bubbles


Sandalwood Fans

Wooden folding fans that we used on the ceremony chairs for each guest. 13 available (guests took the other 47 of them! so they were a hit!)
Purchased for $2 each, selling for $1 each

Martini Glasses

We filled these with carnations and put them on the cocktail tables. They were supposed to go on the bar, but I'm not sure why they didn't. Oh well.
Purchased for $5, selling for $3 (for both)

Glass Vases - 5" x 5" x 5" -- SOLD

I currently have 19 of these vases. We're planning on using them for the centerpieces at our tables.

Purchased for - $5 each   Selling for - $3 each

Glass Vases - 4" x 4" x 4" -- SOLD

I currently have 4 of these. We're using these on our cocktail tables.
Purchased for - $4 each  Selling for - $2.25 each